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Remove redundant objects in the image

Photoshop is a software "extreme" in the field of image processing is too obvious, not without controversy. However, the complete process to achieve a picture perfect level depends on the current image, processing capabilities, "patience" as well as the recognition and evaluation of performance.

Perhaps many times we travel photography, natural landscape photos or images that advertise products ... in the context of an alien appears undesirable but can not remove this object from the tube camera lens while shooting. "Always listening, always understanding" discomfort should your boss Adobe Photoshop his colleagues provides a wide range of tools to "handle" objects "stubborn", help you have the cover image of "beauty shining bright without glare." But "more than great great" if you are guided to use these tools in detail to everyone who can also handle your photos. This tutorial today than the purpose mentioned above, will help you gain insight to "self-service" for themselves.

I find online is a photograph of water treatment areas as follows:
he corner of untreated Performance requirements: We will process this photo to move water into the lake as to the following figure:

You were a perfect  
After practice the tutorial below you will understand a little bit technical and can be applied to eliminate redundant objects in a picture. But there are ways and to use many different techniques to be processed if the picture is complicated, but basically the method you will understand how it is handled.
Here's how it works

1 - First we will cut to get to plumbing outside the cucumber into the lake. Select the Pen Tool on the toolbar (or press P to activate this tool), press Ctrl - to zoom image + finished drawing a path as shown

I'm intelligent flower path 2 - Press Ctrl - Enter to move into the path selected press Shift - F6 and choose Feather = 1 then press Ctrl - J to copy the selection. Observe that the image does not change anything on the table but appeared more Layer Layer 1. Come as we have cut the water pipe and that, photoshop faster than real?

3 - Press the V finished drag the object into position inside the tank as follows:

Moving Objects 4 - Using the Pen Tool to create the path as shown below:

how to use the pen tool 5 - Press Ctrl - Enter to convert path into a selection. On the Layers palette select the Background layer and press Ctrl - J to copy the selection (to create the underlying layer 2 Layer 1). Then press V and then copy the object to move into place as shown below pipe, arranged so that the tank was "seamless" one another.

flowers proving the clone stamp tool 6 - Temporarily hide Layer 1 by clicking the eye icon to the left of the name Layer 1 on Layer panel to easily manipulate. Select the Background layer, use Pen Tool to create paths as follows:
flowers merge intelligent layer 7 - Press Ctrl - Enter finished press Ctrl - J (before pressing Ctrl - J must select the Background layer if not already selected) and then press the V key and drag this object to the right (to mount the shadow of the water old leaves) to make a seamless into the lake.

how to use the clone stamp 8 - After everything was put in place we can combine (merge) the layers back for easy manipulation. Press and hold Ctrl and click on the Background layer, respectively; Layer 3; Layer 2 to select all three layers then press Ctrl - E to merge into one. Now the only remaining palette Background Layer and Layer 1 are hidden. Next select the Pen Tool and create a path as follows:

path with the pen I 9 - Press Ctrl - Enter finished press Ctrl - J (will create Layer 2). After you press Ctrl - J we see the selection go away and nothing changes on the part of the image files are located inside the selection has been copied and is located in the old location of it. Now click the eye icon on Layer 1 to display the layer. Next click Layer 2 finished press Ctrl -] to turn on Layer 2 and Layer 1 ... when it was put into water reservoirs. Next, delete the redundant parts.

delete the object in photoshop 10 - Select the Clone Stamp Tool on the toolbar, select the Background layer and then take part in the lake waters image is inserted in the old pipes to delete it I get the following results:

label the objects in photoshop 11 - Select the Pen Tool to make the path as follows:
how to use the pen tool 12 - Press Ctrl - Enter Transfer path into a selection, press Shift - F6 select feather = 3, then press Ctrl - J to copy the selection. Next press the V key and then move the object to the location of hidden pipes as follows:
delete the object using the Pen Tool 13 - Just okay, but also need a little extra processing. Next use the Clone Stamp Tool with Opacity about 40 for further editing to be relatively honest following results:

image processing in Photoshop Finally we have the following results:

I finish
The first image you save as on your computer, remove practical barriers in position A and remove the blue staircase in position B light.

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