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Create text with Photoshop bark

Create text with Photoshop bark

Tạo chữ vỏ cây với Photoshop Let's take advantage of the sample timber for your items to create an alphabet-friendly environment!
Not only that, sample letters also has an appearance very impressed by the colors and effects are applied. With all this example, you can train yourself to add the ability to use the texture to create and bring more freedom and creativity.
First, to make some stock you need the following:
Sample broken trunk.
Picture a forest corner.
A few brush cleaner.
Create a file size of 700 x 1000 pixels with the background color is white, then use the brush cleaner you just downloaded on to create some patterns on the white background.

In the original default palette, select the Chalk form with light brown color and make an area look like a layer of soil.
Open forest stock photos have a corner on the Photoshop, choose an area as shown in photo.
Copy and Paste the selected region in our image, then change the perspective of the image a bit with the option Perspective Free Transform tool.
To add a little character to the photo art, you can go to Filter -> Artistic -> Cutout and apply the parameters as shown:
Once completed, use the Eraser with low hardness and fill light at the corner of creating softness.
Use the font you downloaded above and type a letter you like.
You will apply the following parameters in the table for the Blending Option.
Bevel and Emboss
Gradient Overlay
Then select the Brush Chalk again.
Use the Eraser tool to type in Chalk and eraser to create the rough edges rough to read:
Open the photo snapped at the trunk section and use the Quick Selection to choose a tree edge.
Copy and Paste the selected area on the letter.
Return the tree image, continue to select different areas on the trunk and paste the letter strokes. Then use the Warp tool to bend the trunk to match the lines of text.
Eraser with low hardness to the edge of the word catharsis, to create the fusion between text and background.
To create a text shadow in the background, use black brush, low hardness. You carefully draw the letter in the shadow of his imagination, can be used more Free Transform to change shape to match the best ball.
You go to Layer -> New Adjustment Layer -> Black & White and set the following parameters, note that this is the top layer palette.
With Black & White layer, we can make all the colors of the image, in addition to certain areas of dark or bright.
Add an adjustment layer again, this time Curves:
On the Curves layer, we create a layer mask:
Use a dust brush you downloaded above, lightly draw a few strokes on the edges of the text.
Create a new layer, use brush with dark green or yellow with parameters Flow and Opacity 20% draw on the region, as illustrated here, the effect of this class is to make the text more rough and bearing signs impact on the time of the trunk.
Use Ctrl + Shift + Alt + E to create a new layer is the sum of all the layers below. Temporarily turn off all the layers below, retaining only the newly created layer. Duplicate this layer, go to Filter -> Noise -> Reduce Noise and use the following parameters:
Reduce the opacity of this layer to 80% and add an adjustment layer of the following:
Layer mask for Level.
Color Balance
Color Balance layer mask for
Finally, select the Burn and Dodge tools with Exposure to about 20% and fill the position in the picture.
At this point you have completed a letter of the alphabet made from the trunk, with the other letters, the application of these effects are similar but differ in the way you put texture on the trunk so that reasonable.
The end result:
Wish you success!

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