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The most famous statue of the Buddha World

The most famous statue of the Buddha World

Giant Buddha of Leshan
The massive Giant Buddha of Leshan. Photo Creative Commons License David Schroeter.

View of Giant Buddha across the river
View of the Giant Buddha from across the river. Photo Creative Commons License Sean Lee.

Visitors are dwarfed by the Buddha's giant foot.
Photo Creative Commons License Matthew Winterburn.

Stairs to the Giant Buddha. Photo Creative Commons License Patrick Rioux.

Giant Buddha of Leshan
Face of the Giant Buddha. Photo Creative Commons License Patrick Rioux.

The heavy-lidded eyes of the Giant Buddha. Photo Creative Commons License Patrick Rioux.

Sculptures of arhats at Wuyou Si in Leshan. Photo Creative Commons License Ben V.

 The Buddhist architecture is not only the heritage of humanity but also the spiritual tourist destination attracting millions of visitors each year as 10 cross Buddhist architecture has been following online journals Touropia selected and introduced.
 A.  Leshan Giant Buddha Great Buddha, China - Sichuan, China.

 Leshan Giant Buddha or the Great Buddha statue Leshan giant statues are carved directly into the great stone mountain in Sichuan province, western China.  Buddha Statue description (Maitreya or Bodi Sattra) in a sitting height 71m, own fingers to 3m in length.  Leshan Giant Buddha Buddha is considered the greatest statues of Buddha carved in the rock of humanity today.

 Two.  Buddha Emerald Buddha, Thailand  

 This is a statue in gold dress jacket placed in Wat Phra Kaew (Temple of Emerald Buddha), the campus of the Royal Grand Palace of Thailand.  The statue is famous because it is made from green jade stone monolith.  The statue has three gold costumes by Thai King instead of the prescribed festivals.

 3.  Great Buddha Daibutsu - Japan

 Kotoku-in is a famous Buddhist temple of Jodo Shu Sect schools (Tinh Tho Tong) in Kamakura City (Japan).  Including Daibutsu Buddha statues sit, 13 meters high, weighs 93 tons empty brass.  Originally, the wood is placed in the temple, but this temple was destroyed by the tsunami in the 15th century and left the statue in its capital position as at present.

 4.  Reclining Buddha statue - Wat Pho, Bangkok Thailand

 As a famous Buddhist architecture at Wat Pho, Bangkok (Thailand).  46m statue lie long, 15m high.  The eyes and feet decorated with pearls showing 108 noble qualities of Buddha.

 Five.  Ushiku Daibutsu Buddha - Ushiku, Japan

 Ushiku Daibutsu (statue of Amida Buddha) is located in the city of Ushiku, Japan is one of the highest throne of Buddha in the world today, 120 meters high, including base 10m, 10m lotus.  The work was officially completed in 1995 and is considered a spiritual tourist destination, popular religious practice in the world today.
 6.  Join Vihare Statue - Sri Lanka

 This is a famous Buddhist architecture world was built in Polonnaruwa, one of the cradles of world Buddhism in Sri Lanka.  The focus of this temple are four statues of Buddha carved into a granite boulder giant statue of this lie up to 14m and another picture stands 7m high.
 7.  First images of Buddha in Ayutthaya - Thailand

 Ancient capital of Ayutthaya in Thailand is considered the home of religious works very special, especially Buddha.  In the surviving relics Mahathat Wat (Temple University monuments) saved the head of a Buddha statue made of sandstone, the remainder of the lost.  In particular, the head of this statue is stuck in the roots and vines of an old tree.
 8.  Monywa Buddhas Statue - Myanmar


Monywa is a bustling city located in central Myanmar mighty Chindwin river, but here even more famous by Monywa Buddha statues lie very great Buddhas.  Monywa Buddhas Statue length 90m, own header to 1.8 m high, was built in 1991 inside the hollow allows visitors can explore from the inside out and came to a head.
 9.  Tian Tan Buddha Statue - Hong Kong

 Statue Tian Tan Buddha (Tian Tan Buddha Statue University) to be residents of Lantau Island (Hong Kong, China) called the Great Buddha.  The statue is made from pure copper materials, inaugurated in 1993.  It gets its name because it is Tianjin molding health site a similar statue of Heaven Temple in Beijing.  The statue was built on a 34m high lotus, the Buddha's right hand raised to remove any disaster, grief for mankind was left to the knees, symbolizes happiness of beings.
 10.  Hussain Sagar Buddha Buddha

 This is a giant Buddha statue in the main building of a mind-made lake in the city of Hyderabad, India.  17m high statue weighs over 320 tons.  This is the monolithic statue of Buddha biggest, most famous Indian, it is more involved artists carved from a single block of stone.

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